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Reminder of a Reminder

Dear Traveling Companions,

It is so nice to hear from my readers. When we are being tugged in every direction with a million things demanding our time, I am honored to know people stop to read my ramblings, and even more, I feel so grateful to know that they have helped in some way.

I was sent a sweet acknowledgement email indicating that a particular quote I included in one recent issue came at just the right moment to help this wonderful one out of a pot hole of negativity and overwhelm. When we train our eyes to see, a miracle appears… or at least something to sustain us through the next step.

In response I reminded my fellow traveler that, “What we focus on expands. Thoughts become things, so make them good ones!

Negative thoughts and feelings can be very sticky.

Stop for a moment when you can. Right now, perhaps?

Put your hand over your heart and take three deep breaths, feeling consciously every one. Breath in the truth of your magnificence before all the untrue labels took you over. Let this loving sense of who you really are flow into you from head to toe.

See it transforming all your anxiety and complaints. Breathe out any attachment to feeling guilty, shameful, or not enough. Breathe in a willingness to boldly shine in big and small ways. Breathe out your attachment to being right. Breathe in the simple joys that surround you – do you hear a bird?

Smell something delightful? Notice it.

Perhaps only a pin point spot on your elbow feels glorious amidst all the trouble that surrounds you. Take that good feeling and double it. Then double it again… etc. etc. etc.