Seventeen Second Rule

Dear Ones, 

Some of you may be familiar with the three second rule. It goes like this… A piece of food falls on the floor and if you can scoop it up within three seconds of it landing then it is still considered edible.

You might not want to admit it, but I am sure at some point you have implemented the three second rule, although perhaps you have first considered the condition of the floor where your food has landed.

Have you ever heard of the seventeen second rule?

This morning I found the quality of my thoughts drifting unconsciously into a downward spiral. Worry is a pesky default that makes us feel like we are doing something helpful and caring when in fact it serves no one and does noting more than rob us of our energy.

As I often do when I need a spiritual shot in the arm to uplift my energy, I went to YouTube as if it were a deck of inspiration cards. I knew just the right something would be obvious. I looked for something inspirational to nudge me out of my mediocrity that, left unattended would most certainly drive me toward greater gloom and doom. I shuffled the ‘YouTube inspiration cards’ and clicked on a very brief interview about money with Abraham, Esther Hicks.

Watch that video clip here:

Whether you are a fan, a follower, or a believer in the value of the insights of Abraham, I invite you to consider and receive the essence of the suggestion. Imagine what’s possible by adhering to this 17 second rule as a way to uplift your energy. Small steps, small increments of time, shifting the quality of your thoughts seem doable and can make a huge difference.

Today I have ahead a 2+ hour drive to Seattle, and then back again. It is my intention to use this time to apply the 17 second rule to my thoughts about money, Life, and living fully rather than ruminate and let my grumpier thoughts take over and hijack my day.

Care to join me on my road trip?


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