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personal note from Rhonda

I remember we would all have to line up against the wall just before recess, and to be released to the playground we would each have to answer either a math problem or spelling word. Every day I was full of anxiety and often felt humiliated and full of shame for not being able to think on my feet like everyone else. The truth was that I had undiagnosed learning and processing challenges. No one with learning differences was diagnosed then, however this well intentioned daily exercise set a foundation of ‘not-enoughness’ that still haunts me today.

I am sure we all carry a moment, or perhaps many, that shaped our misbelief that we are ‘not enough’ or ‘less than’. I have found it helpful, almost a relief, when I can trace back and identify where the wound began. But, being aware offers insight but doesn’t change much. We must choose to consciously peel off, cancel, delete, and uncreate the old lie and re-write the story in a way that shines light on our innocence and magnificence.

If we cling to the beliefs of our ‘not enoughness’, we remain in survival. We remain hiding in the shadows we remain entrapped as an adolescent feminine regardless of our age. We react and defend rather than respond compassionately. Clinging to the old untruth as real, we never mature into our highest and most mature divine feminine which is so sorely needed to uplift the world.

A vibrant life full of joy awaits you on the edge of your comfort zone if you are willing to forgive yourself and others quickly. As Oprah often says, “When you know better, you do better.” Now you know better. You know the truth. Let go of victimhood as your reflex way of being and step into the amazing and authentic you that has always been that has been there, only camouflaged by labels.

I invite you to SHAME.LESS and JOY.FULLY

In Joy,

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