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Sometimes Easy Is Best – Rhonda Hull, Ph.D.

Sometimes simple is best. Life can be hard enough, so apply these ten easy steps to experience everyday happiness:

1. Simple Acts of Kindness Sometimes the smallest kindnesses can make the biggest difference. Something as small as paying the toll for the person behind you or intentionally leaving a dollar bill somewhere for someone else to find and feel good fortune can make a meaningful difference in the life of another. Anonymous gifts can often bring the greatest satisfaction because they are not done to boost your ego, but are truly a gift from the heart. Make it a habit to offer simple acts of kindness to experience durable happiness.

2. Simple Appreciation Appreciation is something we all long for. What feels good to receive also feels as good to give another. Think of someone who has touched your heart or has extended a kindness to you. Go out of your way to thank them without expecting anything in return. So often we don’t think that what we do matters. A heart-felt ‘thank you’ offered at an unexpected time can make all the difference in the world and often makes a greater difference than we will even know.

3. Simple Joys We so often focus on what is not working rather than what is, and take simple pleasures for granted. Some of the greatest joys in life are simple and small, but huge because of the happiness they bring. Noticing the glistening snow, allowing your heart to be touched by a child’s smile, appreciating a warm bath and a soft bed, or the wonders of a warm piece of bread with butter and jam can make you feel rich beyond measure. Enjoy the blessings of the present moment.

4. Simple Blessings Every night before your head hits the pillow, recount the things/people/situations in your day for which you are grateful. Whether mundane or magnificent, placing your focus on all there is to be grateful for helps broaden your awareness of the wonders of life regardless of your circumstances. Remain determined to find a blessing in even the most challenging situations and you will find that your feelings of despair diminish while your happiness expands. The quality of your thoughts influences the quality of your life.

5. Simple Self-Respect So often we find it easier to take care of everything and everyone else, but we give from an empty cup and neglect ourselves. Without genuine self-care what we offer to others we will eventually regret and becomes inauthentic. By disrespecting ourselves, we actually are teaching others how to disrespect us as well. Taking full accountability and responsibility for our own joy is the greatest gift we can give another and in honoring our self we more authentically notice the gifts of others.

6. Simple Forgiveness A gift is for giving, forgiving. Forgiving does not mean we condone the actions of another. Withholding your forgiveness hurts no one but yourself. Offer your forgiveness often and generously for the greatest durable happiness. See mistakes, yours and the mistakes of others, as an opportunity to learn for the greatest joy.

7. Simple Prosperity Tithe money or time generously to the things that matter to you most. Allow your time, money and energy to flow. Invest time and energy in friends and family, and the things you are passionate about. Vision often all that you dream of and be willing to surrender the form in whicg it comes back to you. Just know you are worthy. Asking, acting, and listening within to manifest, and by sharing willingly opens the flow to your prosperity.

8. Simple Sadness Even sadness and loss can reveal blessings. We must not jump past feelings that come up as a result of a loss, but hold the intention to be open to seeing the blessing as soon as possible. Sometimes it is the challenges in life that allow us to more sincerely appreciate all that we have. Open yourself to all your emotions, and believe that even through heartache we can learn, grow and find greater meaning.

9. Simple Spirituality Regardless of your name for God, most of us have an awareness and appreciation of a Mystery greater than we are. Develop your spirituality regardless of the form, and be certain to take quiet reflective time for yourself regularly. Inner listening and meditation/prayer offer you a path to a deeper sense of joy and a greater sense of your own magnificence.

10. Simple Stress Relief Whether counting to ten, taking a deep breath, getting a massage, or reading something inspirational, include simple stress management tools in your every day routines. Be quick to ask yourself if you would rather be right or happy. You are not a victim of life, and choosing for your happiness also brings happiness to others.

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