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Stretch, Love, Laugh, Smile

It is a common complaint. Women often do not feel like they are enough. The world of personal growth tends to reinforce this false belief that life is a problem to be solved rather than a journey to be traveled. With the abundance of coaches and consultants, personal trainers, and advisors many women become dependant on seeking “help” to solve a “problem” when all the answers reside inside of us. Often the greatest problem is coming to the realization that we too easily fall into that trap of seeing life as the problem, rather than our own disconnect from who we authentically are..

Life is not the problem! Life is an event to be experienced, a journey to be traveled, and an adventure to be experienced in every fiber of our being. If we need help, it is to resolve the problem of seeing life as a problem! We need to be invited to meet our true self. Mentors and therapists should be only a means to free us to experience life fully, and in so doing allow life to inspire us to be fully who we are.

Don’t hold yourself back any longer by your limiting beliefs. Reclaim you boldness, grit and power. This is what makes you beautiful. Break the chains and dare to take on the responsibility and delight of your own joy. Open your heart to life and experience it with all its hills and valleys, for they are our greatest teachers. They are inevitable and offer new vistas and viewpoints. They hone us into diamonds.

Do something you’ve always dreamed of, even if you might fail. Do something you’ve never thought of, especially if you feel fear. Give generously, and replenish yourself fully. Tolerate the fear and do it anyway.

It’s time to get out of your known way. Stretch. Jump. Laugh. Smile. Live. Love. Learn, and dare to leave your own unique and powerful legacy.

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