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Take Time To 'Fill ‘Er Up'

Have you ever been late for an appointment thinking there wasn’t enough time to stop for gas, only to sputter, cough, and run out along the way? You then spend three times as much time cursing at the side of the road waiting for help than it would have taken to stop and ‘fill up’.

In our busy lives we operate by the myth that speed is a requirement for success. Although it is a perspective that elicits a gasp from hardcore overachievers, the real truth is that focus is more fruitful than speed. Often what appears to be speed is instead a refined art of spinning our wheels. This blind spot leaves us driven by an ever-increasing volume of information with the expectation that we must go faster and faster to handle it all. We mistakenly believe that if we figure out how to do more in less time we will somehow be able to get it all done! Honestly, is there ever really an end to the TO-DO list?

Less than 100 years ago over a two year period of time people took in information equivalent to what we are bombarded with each and every day? No wonder we feel so overwhelmed! We force ourselves ahead by the false belief that we must keep up with and digest the ever-increasing speed of information. This mode of traveling the road of life is a certain method of self-sabotage and doesn’t leave much time to enjoy the scenery along the way.

Durable happiness and authentic productivity become our traveling companions when we learn to identify our personal values, accept our worth, embrace our strengths and nurture our own well being.

If we don’t stop to refuel our inner spirit we will get nowhere fast. We will be no further ahead, running on empty in the fast lane, and eventually will run out of gas still stuck in the same old rut.

Even though stress related illnesses are one of the leading causes of death, for some of us it would take a miracle to slow our pace. Although we often aren’t quite sure where we are going, we’re making such good time we refuse to consider stopping.

The bad news is that we will stop one-way or another! The good news is that miracles are time efficient. They are prompted by a shift in perception that allows us to realize the benefits of a more conscious pace. Durable happiness comes to us rather than is something we cha