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Dear Ones,

personal note from Rhonda

So, for what do I give THANKS this year? Oh so much…

  1. I have 2 amazing daughters, 2 nieces, 4 grandchildren, 2 grandnephews, and a sister who offer me constant support and love. Together with grace we continue to maneuvered the aftermath of cancer and autism. 

  1. I live on a bluff in Port Townsend, WA with 180 degree water view from every window and every day witness the a

    tics of raccoons, eagles, deer, the change of seasons, and nature at its finest. 

  2. I live in a safe place, as do my kids and grandkids, nieces and grandnephews surrounded with love and support.

  3. I have a circle of friends and health practitioners who help me maneuver strengthening my health.

  4. I have and share the peace of knowing that happiness is possible regardless of the circumstances.

  5. I am blessed to have freedom and am commitment to living from the inside out with peace as my compass.

  6. I have a treasured spiritual community to lean on and share with. 

And these are only a few…

And, what have I been GIVING this year?

  1. More of my art and that creative part of me that I have kept inactive.

  2. My prayers and contributions where I feel called.

  3. My writing and speaking to expand the awareness of the magnificence of all women and the resilience and wisdom of this facing persistent challenges. 

  4. My authentic self as best I can, being fully present in all that I do, and my conscious intention to live each moment wholeheartedly. 

  5. My knowing that we can be happy regardless of the circumstances when we recognize that we are not victims, and that we can choose joy rather than be pulled down by our negative thinking by living from the inside out with a deep spiritual connection to guide me

At a time that seems like all the pressures and worries of the world are upon us, it makes it even more important to vision joy, notice simple pleasures, and focus on all that is working. This is our greatest gift and is essential to creating joy and peace on earth. I offer you my heartfelt gratitude, and will continue to give you my conscious growth as we travel the road of life together.

In Gratitude,


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