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The Center of Happiness

Was it really possible to be happy regardless of the circumstances? I had the opportunity to put the premise of my book to the test. With unexpected poor timing my book was published on the heels of 9/11. Who could have imagined! I wondered if it would be possible to even consider promoting a book on happiness while our country was unable to even breathe amidst the raw horror of this event. Honestly, I felt embarrassed to feel my persona disappointment that my long-sought-after goal was realized at such an unlikely time when so many we experiencing the loss of so much more.

Was it really possible for anyone to be happy regardless of these circumstances? Was my hard work, and my window for promotion lost in the rubble and confusion of the time? Was it really possible to successfully and respectfully promote such a book in the shadow of the Twin Towers? What was I to do? What was my role? Why was this happening? What good could come of all of it.

After deep reflection I came to a place of knowing that there could be no better time than this to share about happiness. As a result of these moments in history we were all awakened to the profound need to remember the things of true importance to us…to remember how to be durably happy, find meaning against all odds, and dare to distill the blessings and notice the simple joys that could more easily be overshadowed by an event of such devastating magnitude.

Who could have ever imagined that it would be this odd combination of events, the tragedy of 9/11 accompanied by the awkward timing of the publication of my book that would direct my purpose and inspire my passion for teaching the value of present moment living and the power of our thoughts.

As so many did, together we re-evaluated the meaning of life and our role in it. The prolonged ill health of my parents, years of single-parenting my daughters, and the long irregular journey to the publishing of my book had drained me and my health took a severe nose-dive. The need for personal renewal guided me to Port Townsend, Washington. Never before had I ever lived where it authentically felt like ‘home’. As I regained my strength and enthusiasm I reignited my work from here, able to watch the eagles soar and the otters play in the culvert.

Upon the filing of all my business forms I was asked to name my business, which I had never done before. Always having been a sole proprietor I never had to register a business name until now. I struggled with the task for while when a friend asked me where I would want to tell people I worked. And, with that, it came easily.

“And tell us, Rhonda, where do you work?”

“At The Center of Happiness. Wouldn’t you like to work there, too?

And, so my path continues to unfold and my speaking and writing about happiness leans more and more in the direction of the empowerment, appreciation, and acknowledgement of the incredible dimension of women, mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. Women must learn to embrace their magnificence, for without self-love, no one can be truly happy.

And so this blog will be the opportunity for me to shape and weave with my path before your very eyes, daring to model that mistakes are opportunities to learn. So, climb aboard and join me on the adventure. Roll down the window, drink in the clear sky, and feel the fresh air of freedom on your face.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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