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The Journey Toward Real Magic

“Have in your mind that which would constitute a miracle for you. Get the vision. Suspend disbelief and skepticism. Allow yourself to take the journey toward real magic.”

— Wayne Dyer

The Law of Attraction calls first for you to know what you don’t want. From this you then can more easily define clearly what you do want. But manifesting does not stop there. You must not only vision what you want in your minds eye, but you must feel it in every fiber of your being. Drink in the feelings and emotions of having what you long for as if it were already yours. Surrender your negative beliefs and let go of all doubt. If you must, pretend! When you believe it is possible you are on the journey of real magic. The mind is a powerful thing when combined with the appropriate feelings. What we focus on expands and what we believe, feel, and appreciate is what we then see. One final ingredient necessary to attract meaning, foster prosperity, and create happiness is one of self-worth. You must believe you are worthy of the miracles you request to open the flow.

MY SHORT-CUT TODAY: Today I believe in magic. I throw away what I don’t want, take the time to clarify what I do want and enjoy feeling the wonders of having it as if it is already realized. I confidently co-create and call to me limitless possibilities to have what I long for knowing I am worthy of true joy and abundance.

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