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The Joy of Silence

Can I sit at the Center of Happiness feeling detoured, tired and sick? That has been my adventure the past few days. My physical body finally crumbled, and with it came the rest of my illusion of balance.

Though attempting to carefully listen to where I was called and show up there as authentically as I possibe, I apparently took the wrong fork in the road.

Is there really a ‘wrong fork’? Possibly not, for each chosen path teaches us if we allow it to do so. The only ‘mis-take’ is not t apply the enlightenment learned.

The slate is blank today. I have no energy, no clear direction, and no voice…. literally… no voice. It takes a lot to silence me, and that perhaps is the lesson.

Today I welcome silence. I am to be as joyful sitting in silence and reflecting within as much as I am when stretching outward to help. So today, I will listen in silence joyfully, willingly, with trust, without resistence. I will speak in silence joyfully. I will sleep in silence joyfully, and trust the rest of the world will continue to rotate on its axis.

Today I will practice silence, scream the joys of silence. I will delight that my voice has no voice.

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