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The Space Between Our Thoughts

“If you want to find God, hang out in the space between your thoughts.”

— Alan Cohen

Whether formally or informally, acknowledged or not, we all have some spiritual sense of wonder within and about us. What we call this power is unique to each of us, but generations and generations of a variety of spiritual beliefs have revealed a common thread between us all regardless of our name for the Mystery. So, let’s not get hung up there. Instead of focusing on how our beliefs are different, let’s revel in the common theme – Love, and the power of connection.

I have been paying conscious attention to the quality of my thoughts for while. Our thinking can become so routine that we then become deaf to our thought quality and merely regurgitate the old patterns and limiting beliefs that have long since stopped working for us. This corrodes our connection to Spirit and often rather than moving forward adjusting our path, we spend our energy being frustrated, thus trapped. Aware that that upon which we place our focus is what we experience and create more of, it is surprising when we listen in to what goes on in our mind.

Once we listen in, often the garbage we hear startles us, and then shifting our negative thoughts can be as challenging as stopping a freight train. And yet, with all my thinking successes and setbacks, I am now dedicated to revising my thoughts incrementally, and with greater self-love and compassion. My loving thoughts for others and my self allow me to participate in life, influence what I create, and more tenderly touch those around me. The quality of my thoughts influences the quality of my reality. Life is not a journey where you merely sit back and enjoy the ride. It is a collaborative adventure that calls for your co-creation and participation where Love is the fuel.

So join me on this magical journey with a heightened awareness of the power of your thoughts. Together we will re-discovering our still voice within, become conscious in our thinking, and embrace our co-creative abilities of finding God, finding Good, finding the Love that is ours and awaits us in the space between our thoughts.

In Joy, Rhonda