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To Do or Not To Do, That Is the Question

Dear Ones,

Do you ever have days th

personal note from Rhonda
t feel lik
a series of relentless, hectic, out of control, one-after-the-other chase scenes with a few crashes now and then in a fast-paced thriller movie? What if it were possible to have each day include still points and vistas to be savored where we move at a pace that allows us to notice the simple pleasures that draw joy and gratitude up from our toes, regardless of our circumstances.

It has become our habit that as soon as our toes touch the floor in the morning we complain, “Good God, it’s morning.” Even if in our grumpy half-asleep stupor we feel differently, I would propose instead that we soften the way we start off our day by re-phrasing our first utterances to be, “Good Morning, God.” Resist autopilot grumblings and greet the adventure of each day, surrendering to what you cannot control. This moment of consciousness each morning can change the outcome of our entire day… and our entire life.

Instead of complaining about our TO DO list, how about shaping a TO BE list? Durable happiness comes by asking our self what we are called TO BE, or feel, or experience in any given moment to make our day most memorable and meaningful. It’s not by what we think we have TO DO today that will brings us closer to it. That is the myth we must dissolve even though it falsely seems that way amidst the hurry and pressures that confront us every day.

What conscious qualities will you choose to guide your life today? Or will you bend to your default mode and experience the dark side of life, feeling empty and weary? What side of you will you share with your family? Your friends? Your colleagues? The clerk?

Why not practice re-setting our automatic detour button from one of discontent and impatience to one of peace? Greater joy is only a choice away. Start each morning fresh. When you awaken, let gratitude direct your day. What quality will make these precious hours worth living? Take a deep breath and slow down all your thoughts. Turn the air you breathe into pure love and drink it in all the way down to your toes. Enjoy the feeling of this quality of light as it flows through you. Now, carry it with you consciously into the day, and return to it whenever you feel pulled off course.

Change is simple, but it is not always easy. But small steps make a big difference. Something as simple as this can become a huge benefit as it becomes a part of your regular routine. With each small step toward having your words, actions and values match, notice how optimum outcomes expand and find you. By honoring your TO BE list as your priority you will be pleased to experience that the things that are truly important on your TO DO list will be accomplished easily, effectively, and with far greater joy had by all. With clarity as your compass, the rest will fall away with no regrets.

You are a human “BEing,” not a human “DOing” and your life is a journey, not the destination. Remember, you can always, every day, moment-by-moment choose TO BE filled with joy, peace, and love. It is a choice, and it’s yours. Let go, and breathe it in. Allow happiness to become your reality by daring to put first things first and starting each day expecting miracles.


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