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Today's Walk

Today I chose to hibernate. The ‘shoulds’ are waiting for me upon my return.

I have had a busy summer and have missed the summer here at home in the great northwest. I headed to the beach with the intention to walk. It became a stroll. I noticed my feet and the rocks beneath them. The variety of the shapes and sizes soon revealed occasional beach glass. Mostly amber. Some white. Occasional blue and green pieces… fewer… and the ones I longed for. I reminded myself to glance at the horizon and take in the beach sounds as I dropped these small jewels in my pocket.

I came across a woman, sitting like a child on a beach, with a wooden spoon and bucket in hand. She combed the piles of rocks, even dug here and there to reveal treasures beneath the surface.

“Are you looking for glass, too?” I asked.

“Yes,” she said. “It’s the first time I’ve even gotten serious about it,” she responded.

“Do you have any big plans for them?” having seen beach glass jewelry at the Farmer’s Market the day before.

“Just to sort them by color,” she said.

How admirable, I thought.

This simple exchange reminded me to slow even in my made up hurry and enjoy the treasures beneath my feet with no huge plan but to be authentically human.

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