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Try Not

“Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

— Yoda, Return of the Jedi

How could a little green alien be so wise?

Go ahead. Right now, try to get up from your chair. I’m serious. Just try. If you succeed in any way, you have not tried, but actually done something even though it may not be perfect or complete.

However, the truth is that there is no such thing as just ‘trying’ if we are taking even one small step or making one conscious gesture in the direction of our dream beyond doing nothing. You have taken action, and that counts.

Procrastinators are perfectionists in disguise. Don’t wait to do something until you are certain you can do it perfectly. Life is messy and mistakes offer insights, so dare to start now. By connecting the dots between all our small gestures, feelings, and actions and by leaning in the direction of our intentions, we create a continuous flow of energy and expand our happiness. If we combine this with a sustained belief in the possibilities, our dream becomes a reality.

Do you remember when your mom would tell you to, “Do your homework” to which you would reply, “I’ll try”? Translated, this meant that you most likely had no real intention to do your homework and would do nothing.

Trying is a state of inaction. Follow Yoda’s instruction. Do, even if it means one small step in the direction of your intention. Your thoughts, feelings, and actions combined with your intention are what manifest your desire.

Now, go do your homework.

A SHORT CUT TO HAPPINESS: Today I do my homework. I take action knowing that even one small step is more than just trying. I get clear on what I intend, and then make my thoughts, feelings, and actions congruent. No more trying. Today I DO in spite of my hesitations, shaping my choices and actions according to my values.

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