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Turtle Crossing

Although it has been far too long since I last adventured to Hawaii, my memories are vivid and dear. Ideal life there moves at a slower pace and is a vital part of the Hawaiian culture. Those who consciously live with ‘aloha spirit’ seem to have an awareness of the stunning beauty that surrounds them and an appreciation for the happiness found in present moment living.

I am fortunate to have spent summers in Hawaii as a teen. I remember being amazed that even on the busier freeways motorists would pull to the side of the road at sunset to observe, as a ritual of reverence, the end of the day. Then when the last coral and orange hint of the brilliant sun had finished melting into the horizon, they would resume their journey.

Too often we get so caught up in the hustle of our day that we miss moments like this. Recalling these special times in paradise I found it a delight to be reminded with the photograph touchstone offered by my friend the present moment priority reflected by a TURTLE CROSSING sign.

The time spent insuring the safe crossing of these slow and extraordinary creatures or intentionally stopping to view a crimson sunset might seem to some as a waste of time, however there is something important to learn from this ‘aloha spirit’. Slowing down and opening our eyes to these simple and abundant opportunities are keys to deep and authentic happiness.

Joyful and rich are those who remember without a second thought to slow down, even for turtles.

I invite you to pause now and then for a sunset or for for turtles crossing, even when they aren’t there.

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