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UBUNTU – I am because we are…

My dear friend, and collaborative creator of the Healing Heart Cards available on my website is on a courageous journey with cancer. Little did we know that when creating these cards, they would be for her own inspiration!

A couple of days ago Marye had a another procedure, this one intending to slow the growth of her cancer and afford her longer quality of life. Despite feeling rugged, she sent this nugget of hope and love to her circle of friends as a reminder of the power of love.

Hearing the word CANCER applied to your life is a game-changer. Everything predictable ceases to exist. In a flash you are forced to face another word we avoid like the plague, DEATH. With the diagnosis comes the harsh and unavoidable realization that control is only an illusion.

And so, the journey begins. Marye being Marye has dived into this messy adventure before her, choosing to ‘walk her talk’ as best she can in any given moment of challenge. She is using this opportunity to let go of old misbeliefs and discover what is true for her. No room to feel guilty or not enough. No time to be a people-pleaser. Awakened, it’s about making every moment matter. You can use them to wallow and spiral downward, or you can use them to uplift yourself and others by living fully an ordinary extraordinary life looking for love, even in the deepest cracks of life. Marye exudes love.

Marye has a circle of loved ones around her that she celebrates and treasures. She is such an amazing individual and we feel honored to be in her Little Red Book. It is incredibly difficult to be thrown into a vat of uncertainty by cancer, and yet, moment by moment, I witness Marye find her way to allow and accept it all from her insight-out.

The root word of courage is COEUR… Which means ‘of the heart.’ Marye even lives in a city that claims that word.  Coincidence? Nope.

We have been taught to fight against what we don’t like, and yet that seldom works long-term. Instinct and fear say to react and ‘kick cancer’s butt’, but intuition invites us to reconsider… to instead respond, especially in a world where it has been proven itself over and over again that warring gets us no where except deeper in our pain. It is not a time to be divided. It is a time to find common ground.

Marye’s courage comes not from fighting against cancer but by do her best to apply her gentle, persistent, and deep awareness that what you resist, persists, and what you fight against, you become. Marye understands in EVERY cell of her being that love is what matters. She has the powerful awareness that love is the answer to every question, and now, more than ever, is determined to live her life… every second of it… from that place.

Mother Teresa was invited to an anti-war protest. She declined, and said that when they had a pro-peace rally, she would be happy to be there. It is a difficult and essential journey to learn how to transform cancer (or any major challenge) not by fighting it, but by making love so big that there is no room for cancer. Not only love for others…. but love of our self as well. This may be the trickiest part of the journey… to truly love our self.

This knowing is what nudges me to create inspirational products and meaningful stories and use collaboration to make the world a better place by honoring the things that deeply matter.

I am becoming a stronger person because Marye is daring to courageously face all of those old and convoluted beliefs we were taught to discover what is true for her.  She invites us to join her on this journey. In each messy moment she stands for love. Don’t get me wrong. She hates cancer sometimes… and then she remembers the power of love and stubbornly course-corrects when it would be easier to be swallowed by despair. I am honored to follow your lead, Marye.

I know we all want Marye here for ever and ever! And more than that, I suspect we all want her to do and be exactly what you are called to do and be every precious moment she has… which is what we all should be doing anyway!

I am so grateful to be a part of Marye’s wonderful and wacky  and authentic and honest and loving Ubuntu Circle surrounding her and her life partner, Gary.

The energy of what we focus on expands. Love will prevail!

Now, it is my work to make love so big and alive that there is no room for cancer.

How about you?

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Jacky Yenga, “The Village Wisdom Messenger” and author of the upcoming book “The Spirit of the Village” powerfully combines both emerging scientific concepts and age-old wisdom to succeed at living a more enriched life! The result is a global movement of conscious individuals who practice living a more authentic and connected life every day and who unleash their authentic expression of togetherness, share their own unique gifts and confidently make their difference in the world.  Trusted and celebrated for her wisdom and her down to earth, exotic, authentic and inspiring approach, Jacky is quickly becoming a well-recognized leader of the transformational movement in the West.   Join her free 30-day village challenge at (

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