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Update on Connor

Dear Ones,

Celebrate Connor!

As I read my niece’s latest update that I forward on to you, I am touched by her grace and her talent as a mom and a writer. Although Connor’s journey has been a rough one, it is Alicia who has walked a relentlessly stressful road, holding her family together at every turn. I wish I could give her days of sleep followed by and an all expenses paid family vacation to Disney World (their favorite place ion earth). She and Steve could have allowed the pressures to pull them apart, but instead their relationship is all the stronger. Although they had their moments of melt down, I seldom saw them take their stress out on one another. Instead they had great compassion and tenderness for one another, offering each other strength even when miles apart. Also, the grandmother’s offered such selflessness to be their for their little ones. It took the village! What peace builders they have been. It has not been an easy time for them to put their lives on hold in order to be present as a durable support system. Their presence and hands on help has made this challenging journey much easier.

So, drink in Alicia’s amazing update. I do hope at some point she will finally have time to pull these updates together and weave them with more of her reflections about this road of healing into a book to serve other parents.

Once again, thank you for surrounding Connor with your healing light. Since you now know you can heal cancer, what amazing thing will you do next. It makes everything else easier!!!

Please do not relinquish Connor from your prayers as he still has a distance to travel, but regardless of what is ahead, we joyfully celebrate now!!!

In deep gratitude, Rhonda


ALicia and Connor

Connor has done remarkable over the last month. He has slowly come off several of the medications used to treat his graft verse host disease (GVHD) and is showing no signs of any problems. Since he is still on two medications that lower his immune system, I have to check his temperature at least twice a day. Any time he gets a fever of over 101 degrees, even if he has no other symptoms, we get to go to the hospital and have blood tests done to rule out infection. Unfortunately, over the last month we have been to the ER four times for this reason. Most of the time the fevers would go away as quickly as they came but last Sunday this was not the case. In less than an hour, his fever went from being normal to 104 degrees. After having blood tests done in the ER, he was admitted into the hospital the next day with a blood infection. The doctors started him on antibiotics and within a day, the infection was getting better and we were able to return “home” Thursday. Even though it was a shame to be back in the hospital, it gave us a chance to see all the incredible people who have been there for us every step of the way one last time before heading back to Alaska. We still do not have an exact date on when we will get to return home but the doctors are talking about sometime the middle of March. Along with doing well medically, he has done marvelous with potty training and as his hair gets longer and the signs of cancer fade thankfully there is little left to remind us of all his body has been through.

Carson 2/7

Recently a wonderful website: was brought to my attention. This great site brings together stories from families that are surviving childhood cancer. It allows you to follow there journey, provide encouragement and send sympathy. I know one of the things that helped me through the hard days was the messages of hope and support. I encourage all of you to check out this site and see the amazing children that are more courageous than I can ever hope to be.

Thank you to everyone for you continued support. There is not a day that goes by after all this time that we do not feel your love and prayers.

All our love, The Dunham’s Steve, Alicia, Connor and Carson

Check out Connor singing Take Me out to the Ball Game at

God Sent to Me an Angel

By Paul Dammon 11/96

God sent to me an angel,

it had a broken wing.

I bent my head and wondered,

“How could God do such a thing?”

When I asked the Father

why He sent this child to me,

the answer was forthcoming;

He said, “Listen and you’ll see.”

“My children are all precious,

and none is like the rest.

Each one to me is special,

and the least is as the best.

I send each one from Heaven

and I place it in the care

of those who know my mercy,

those with love to spare.

Sometimes I take them back again.

Sometimes I let them stay.

No matter what may happen,

I am never far away.

So if you find an angel

and you don’t know what to do, l

remember, I am with you,

love is all I ask of you.”

Alicia R. Dunham

5130 40th Ave NE, Room B 13

Seattle WA 98105

206-838-0707 Seattle Home ID:Dunham- Password:unique-book

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