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We have an exciting FREE invitation for you…

We have an exciting FREE invitation for you…

an opportunity for you to join us and others who are ready to distill the wisdom of 2015, let it go with gratitude, and then set your inspired intentions for 2016 to be amazing in the good company of others.

Marye Thomas and Rhonda Hull, dear life play-mates and colleagues, feel called to shake things up a bit. We are determined to step into 2016 living a life where each moment matters.

Defying limited beliefs about age, money and time, we are committed to no longer settle for life being anything less that an amazing adventure. Aware that NOW is the only moment we truly have, we are determined to consciously design a spunky, prosperous, connected, inspired, playful, courageous, tender, and peace-filled New Year.

Care to join us?

Here’s the plan…


Dare to believe you are worth setting aside about 4 hours of time just for YOU (on 2 separate two hour calls)! Everyone is welcome! Invite your friends, too.


Place the following dates on your calendar for these two online video gatherings that will last about 2 hours each.

Year End Review – 2015 Tuesday, December 29th, 2015 6:30pm – 8:30pm Access code:

New Year Intentions – 2016 Thursday, January 7th, 2016 6:30pm – 8:30pm Access code: This will be a grand experiment for us. To make these video calls possible (we hope!), we will be using a (new to us) platform called ZOOM that will allow many people to join in online on a video conference, (similar to Skype). So, if you are willing to come play with us, come as presentable as you choose, at least from the waist up, knowing that you will be recorded. We will offer a link to the recording to those on the call for replay, and to some who are unable to attend ‘live’.

Remember, there is NO CHARGE for this time together!

Although we hope you can join us for both calls, come for as long as you can whenever you can. You are welcome to drop in and out of either call as needed. We do ask that you join us from a quiet location.

Please feel free to pass the invitation along to your family and friends. All are welcome. Although it would be wonderful for you to RSVP, (Subject Line: RSVP YES or NO), it is not required. Just show up ready to play!


On the December 29th call we will review 2015. Bring your old calendar to the call, if you have one, to remember all that happened tis past year.

The January 7th call will be dedicated to setting our intentions for the New Year of 2016.

To do this we will use a wonderful FREE tool to guide us through the process. You can download it and print it out ahead of time or choose to use the online version.

You can peek at it or download it at:

Online version:

Downloadable pdf version:

Even if you can’t make either call, we encourage you to have fun with this tool. Here is your opportunity to take the time for yourself, let go of the old and welcome the new consciously.

At the beginning of each call, at approximately 20-minute intervals, and at the end of the each call we will check-in and share reflections. During the in-between time you will be MUTED as we stay together, but work independently until we come back together to share reflections and insights.


Dare to say YES, dive deep, have fun, and let your wisdom shine! Thoughts become things so make them good ones, and every moment matters if you let it, regardless of our circumstances.

We shower you all with love, gratitude and inspiration as we complete and let go of 2015, and we hope to ‘see’ you soon so we can unite our energy to open the door and PERCOLATE POSITIVE POSSIBILITIES for 2016. JOY-FULLY, Marye Thomas and Rhonda Hull P.S. Give yourself a few extra minutes before the call to launch ZOOM. If you have any questions, call or text Rhonda at 360-643-0531 or email at[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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