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Women Have Peace in the Palm of Our Hand

Women see the big picture. It is our nature. Although when necessary we have adapted to linear thinking, we are designed to be multi-taskers, visionaries, and aware of a larger perspective for the greater good. Part of our journey is to build a new bridge between ‘Mars’ and ‘Venus’ by coloring outside the lines, stretching the rules. Women are called somehow to poke around until the new steps reveal a way for men and women to blend our experience, embrace and honor our differences, and unite our gifts in a mutually beneficial way. Without this leap of faith, peace will never happen.

I had to laugh when I heard the observation made by Barbara DeAngeles, a relationship expert, that women and men think and process life like their genitals. She stated, “Women talk in circles and men talk in a straight line!” The truth of this statement stopped me in my tracks.

Sadly, many women have lost a certain sense of knowing who they are as a result of living and working in a man’s world. We have allowed that ‘straight line’ way of being to silence our creativity and hide our compassionate gifts. But, the good news is that many women are now at an edgy place of unrest that is nudging them back into seeing the benefits of their circular way of being in the world.

For centuries, women’s big picture way of being has been discouraged, devalued and suppressed, but women no longer seem comfortable with or capable of remaining silent. Something now is bubbling up and we are actively reclaiming our voices, not in the abrasive feminist style of the 60’s, but with a new emerging face of the feminine that calls for a redefinition of our power, a feisty implementation of our energy, the shining of our grace and a non-violent way of connecting. We need to move forward with clear intention and without interruption, accepting that life is messy, no longer waiting for permission.

While some women are just peeking their heads out from under the covers, others are surging forward with the energy of a beach ball that can no longer be held under water. Some are more aware than others of the legacy of the ancestors that preceded them. There have always been bold women but now they are connecting to share the journey. In big and small ways we are percolating, lunging, inching, and being drawn forward more connected than ever before.

This new face of the feminine calls for leaving our petty differences behind and focusing on what mea